Distribution Services

We start at the foundation, partnering with you to truly understand your differentiators as a fund and how your unique asset management philosophies come together to form a valued and qualified offering. We structure, formulate and analyze the right fundraising strategy, taking you from the planning phase to a successful close.

Our relationships span asset classes and geography, with a main focus on investor communities in the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. We also have extensive relationships in the United Kingdom, North America and Europe providing you with a powerful global reach.

Fund Management Services

we are offering fundraising, investor relations and marketing services for a “one-stop-shop” to ensure the long-term success of your fund. We are allocating the Fund in six different way:

  • Buying and Selling – World Top 10 Cryptocurrency
  • Worldwide Top Indices:
    • Nastac
    • German 30
    • US 30
    • UK 100
    • SPX 500
    • JPN 225
  • Indian Top Companies Index
  • Gold and Silver
  • Asset Management – Real Estate
  • Demand and Supply