Four Peers stated their mining of BITCOIN, in 2010. And do their coming in the following and became masters in mining started trading of cryptocurrencies with the top 15 currencies and have gave birth to the concept of trading cryptocurrency in Singapore and to the world. This trading concept to visualize the fund management which gave idea to distribute funds to different buckets and in various portfolio to minimum risk and maximum profit.

Stephen Mike who is the Executive Director created many protocols to head the company to 100cr in Singapore.


BOXXPAY is a team with experience in cryptocurrency, security, analytics, technology and financial services. Most of the team expert is based in Singapore, Malaysia.


As partners, we have collectively amassed over 25 years of experience building businesses, organizing as well as advising on fund structures and marketing to and fundraising from institutional investors around the world.

Our Values

BOXXPAY is dedicated to a set of core values that defines our relationships with customers and partners, and guides every decision we take.

Our Vision

BOXXPAY is committed to empowering people to invest and trade, with confidence, in an innovative and reliable environment; supported by best-in-class personal service and uncompromising integrity.